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Providing global aroma and scent solutions for businesses and attractions who would like to further their marketing and experiences using aromas and scents.

Food & Drink Scent Solutions

We can create a fragrance oil, a scented ink solution, scratch and sniff micro capsules and impregnated scenting solutions

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Sea Air

Smell the fresh air aroma we can provide for your project or business.


Scent, Aroma and Fragrance Solutions

We provide any kind of fragrance and scent solution for you, your business or your application.
Talk to us, let us know how we can help you benefit from using Scents in your application.

Use Scents to increase your sales

Commerce.Increase Sales with Scent Marketing.

By engaging the customer when they visit your store, attraction, museum, business. Seeing, hearing and feeling is a thing of the past, completely immerse the customer or your staff, with the sense of smell. Increase sales, relax customers, appeal to passers by of your store and entice them in with Aroma.

Attraction, rides and theme park scenting

Attractions.Add that extra emotion. Smellitizers.

Attractions appeal to our senses on many levels, from visual to movement and others, now add a carefully thought out fragrance to the experience this can be on a ride, attraction, show, shop, anything that can help you to appeal to a wider audience. We can make it happen. Talk to us today.

Why choose Us?

Business.Productivity is the key. Subtle scents.

Businesses that care about their premises and image benefit on many levels, from staff productivity to winning new business. If you make place of business a nice place to be, people will want to be there, good lighting, relaxed environment and enticing smells make for a great workplace.

"Research Proves Marketing With Scent Increases Sales"
Scent Marketing
Scents are used all over the world to promote a business. This could be to promote what they are selling or for brand association. The nicer hotels around the world all have the same signature aromas in the public spaces to achieve this.
Sensory & Attraction Aromas
Theme Parks and attractions use scents to immerse their guests and attraction riders. Attractions try and build an emotion enjoyment too their parks, this achieved using scents and aromas to build and tell a story in the guests mind. We can help with this.
Business Scents
Businesses can benefit from using aroms in the workspace. Staff like fragrances, it helps encourage productivity and wellbeing. This could help with the amount of sick days taken by staff members.
Home Fragrancing
Everyone likes a nice smelling home, villa, apartment or any other property you own. Instead of using those spray fragrances that do not last very long, talk to us about a professional solution that could work out cheaper.

Our Skills

  • Fragrance Marketing
  • Sensory & Attractions
  • Businesses
  • Services & Hospitals
  • Home & Personal Space

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