Scent Marketing Basics

James WorrellJames Worrell guides us through the Fragrance Marketing Basics.

Remember these techniques are not to be followed completely, and should be used more as a starting guide to aroma marketing.

First of all, different scents will have your customers acting differently, remember to think like your customers, think, what would you like to experience when in a petrol station, supermarket, restaurant?
Would it be Coffee? Food? Snacks or all of the above.

Are you visiting for convenience, you need milk and bread? Flowers for your partner? Or a business trip and you need a break and a coffee?

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Relaxing your customers using Aroma

Relaxing your customers with aromasHave you ever thought why some businesses put an ambient scent into an area of their shop, business or service?

There are many benefits of having an ambient fragrance working for you in your business, a few of the examples could be to associate a brand or service to a scent, to encourage a more relaxed state, to build upon an experience or add a depth to an experience, to entice people into your business or encourage the purchase of something that smells good.

Here are a few key reasons why businesses are now turning to aromas and fragrance marketing.

Spas and hotels are renowned for using fragrances and aromas in their reception areas, waiting rooms, treatment rooms and swimming pool areas.

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