New Smart Phone App Controlled Scent Machines

WiFi App controlled fragrance machines

We know that fragrance machines are not usually left out for people to tamper with so they are usually put somewhere that is not easy to access, only when you need to replace the fragrance oils.

This being the case, it can quite often be difficult to re-program, this was before the time of App controlled fragrance machines, like our new range of fragrance machines, they are now WiFi / Smart Phone App controlled.

Checkout our machines: WiFi App Controlled Fragrance Machines.

You can now control the app from your phone, this saves you accessing the machine and manually programming the control panel. Its easy.

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Hotel and fragrance - How far does it go?

Hotel cosmetics and public space branding

Did you know that when you stay at a hotel, usually the better and grander hotels that know the benefits of fragrance marketing and good branding, you are actually becoming a fragrance brand ambassador!

How is this? You ask, you do not promote the hotel to anyone.

Being a hotel ambassador is done by simply being at the hotel, walking through the reception areas and using the supplied hotel toiletries and more importantly taking these toiletries home with you… these branded fragrances are now spread all over the world, to your friends and families to enjoy.

Fragrance is so important in good hotel and its branding, this is because if you like the fragrance, you will be more likely to return.

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