Bathrooms and Scents

Bathroom Scenting and Aromas

You or your company may go to a lot of trouble to ensure your bathrooms are kept clean and tidy but you should also make sure you give your visitors an added feeling of freshness and class to your bathrooms by using aromas and scents.

By using a fragrance machine to add an ambient clean fragrance, such as a pine or similar smell, this will help backup that the bathroom is clean and well maintained.

Some of our fragrance machines are Smart Fragrance Machines - They connect to your WiFi network and you can control the fragrance level and duration from your Smart Phone! No need to climb up a ladder to get the machine down and reprogram, easy, do it from your office on your smart phone, you don't even have to go into the bathroom to do it. conatct us to find out more about our Smart Fragrance Machines.

Some companies simply use a spray can dispenser that periodically spray a mist from a pressurised can of aerosol, this is not a good idea. It is a cheap solution that will ultimately need replacing in a short amount of time due to infectivity.

Some of the problems with these cheaper spray machines are;

Bathroom Diffuser Machines

  • They do not atomise the fragrance particles very well and this leads to a very low amount of the fragrance actually being noticed by your customers
  • They can leave a wet patch on your floor, as the spray particles are so large and do not dissipate properly into the air, over time, they can build up a residue on the floor and become a slip hazard, especially on tiled flooring, (his damp aroma residue could also damage other surfaces like carpet or other flooring or surfaces, (this damp aroma residue could also damage other surfaces like carpet or other flooring or surfaces.
  • The fragrance could also settle on other worktop surfaces and person or child could put their fingers into it and then get the fragrance in their eye / mouth and if the fragrance is poisonous, could cause a lot of problems for you.
  • The whole point of a fragrance machine is to atomize your chosen fragrance oils so it can spread evenly it in the area you want to add an ambient fragrance to. These spray bottle fresheners are not ideal and do not atomize the fragrance oils well and because of this, the fragrance does not last very long.

Our fragrance machines actually atomize the fragrances to a super fine particle (possibly around 1 pico litre in size), that is easily dispersed throughout the bathroom area and into the entrance area of the bathroom. Alternatively, we can connect the fragrance machines into your air conditioning unit so they are not seen and not heard and the fragrances are dissipated evenly throughout your bathrooms.

Our machines do not use any heat either, so there is no fire hazard often found with heating fragrance oils or other scenting solutions.

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