Cabins, Caravans, Boats and Property Sales Fragrancing

Its not a new sales technique to put a fragrance into a property during sale. This has been around for a while now. This can be used for many different types of property sale, from houses, villas, boats, aeroplanes, cars, caravans, lodges and cabins plus many more uses.

Fragances are often connected to exclusive or VIP properties. Imagine if a carefully selected set of fragrances are used in a prestige yacht to help with the sale.Luxury Yacht Fragrance Machines

Great uses of fragrance examples for boat sales:

  • On a yacht, the Den/Cubby could be decorated with extravagant wood so the accompanying fragrance of wood, smoke, old books, almost a musky musty smell, but this would all people to settle into the room and find it more inviting. It helps sell the illusion of relaxing into that room on an evening with a brandy and possibly a cigar.
  • On the bridge, the fragrance could be a clean, fresh, salty air fragrance. Even though the yacht could be in a demonstration facility somewhere, not even on water, the key is to sell the illusion of being on the water.
  • The kitchen (or Galley) area, could be the smell of a freshly cooked bread or fresh cookies, something that is oven baked to appeal to the taste buds and food.
  • And how about fresh coffee aroma in the bar or on the deck.
  • A lavender fragrance can relax people and could be used in the bedrooms, as could the smell of fresh cotton or freshly laundered bed sheets.
  • Bathrooms, pools, spa areas should always smell fresh, clean and fragrant. The aroma of chlorine is not the best, so with a small investment in one of our fragrance machines, they can smell so much better and fresher and also give the appearance of cleanliness.

tns Fragrance oils for fragrance machinesProgrammable fragrance machineAll the above examples of adding a fragrance into an area of a property to help drive the sale as it sells the illusion that the customer is actually already the owner of the property as in their mind, they could be enjoying a coffee on the deck, a cigar in the den and fresh bedsheets in the bedroom.

The above boating or yacht examples can all be slightly modified to suit any property, from a luxury cabin to a villa, from a motor home to a caravan. They all have the potential to encourage sales by adding a fragrance to the showroom and property.

Carefully selected aromas and fragrances are easily added to properties, they can hide behind a vent or be connected directly to some air conditioning or heating ducting. With our exclusive tns Smart Fragrance Machines, they can be controlled by your smart phone using your existing WiFi network.

We have a huge selection of fragrances available and if the fragrance is not available, we can work with you to create the perfect scent to suit you or your business.

Contact us today to arrange a discussion about fragrancing your property or service.