Digital Signage and Aroma marketing

Cosmetic Digital Signage and Aromas

So its not new to link up a digital signage display and an aroma marketing diffuser, they work perfectly well together and compliment the message they need to convey.

What we find is that the fragrances draw people to the digital signage (providing they are a well chosen, attractive scent) and the digital signage show extended information about the aroma or service being offered.

As seen in the article image, this works particularly well for the cosmetic companies, they can put out a fragrance and the screens will show the promotion on offer, maybe a new fragrance or a discount. This doesn’t directly replace an employee with a fragrance bottle who will approach customers and talk to them about the new promotion, but this solution works well as a complimenting display.

A great example of this in use could be deployed in a shopping centre at the entrance to your store to attract customers in to your shop.

Adding a fragrance diffuser machine to your existing (or new) digital signage display doesn’t have to cost much, why not checkout our tns web shop to see the product range we have. The machines are completely programmable where they come on and go off when you need them to. We also have fragrance machines that can be controlled by an App on your smart phone.

Fragrances can be tailor made by our laboratory so the fragrance work well in our diffusers, so the aroma carries correctly throughout your shop, shopping centre or any application you have. Let us know.