Hotel and fragrance - How far does it go?

Hotel cosmetics and public space branding

Did you know that when you stay at a hotel, usually the better and grander hotels that know the benefits of fragrance marketing and good branding, you are actually becoming a fragrance brand ambassador!

How is this? You ask, you do not promote the hotel to anyone.

Being a hotel ambassador is done by simply being at the hotel, walking through the reception areas and using the supplied hotel toiletries and more importantly taking these toiletries home with you… these branded fragrances are now spread all over the world, to your friends and families to enjoy.

Fragrance is so important in good hotel and its branding, this is because if you like the fragrance, you will be more likely to return. Additionally, once a hotel chain has an established that fragrance - brand association, you and others will subconsciously be reminded of the hotel and brand, even when your not staying anywhere near the hotel. How does this happen?Hotel cosmetics and public space branding

When customers stay at a hotel, they pass through the communal areas the ambient fragrances that are added to the environment, these fragrances and aromas may become connected to peoples clothing, coats, jackets, luggage etc… so outside of the hotel, you have a fragrance ambassador.

But how can a hotel fragrance be taken away from the hotel and noticed?

Those complementary hotel soaps, shampoos, body lotions and all other toiletries that are produced for the hotels are places into guest rooms and around the hotel for guests to use and take, can also contain those branded fragrances. So when you or someone around you uses those free toiletries back at home, all the way across the world, they are unknowingly spreading the hotel’s brand fragrances amongst their friends and families.

Hotel toiletries and hotel aroma marketingSo don’t feel guilty in future when taking those fragranced soaps and toiletries, they you are doing the hotel a favour (in some instances) as you are marketing their hotel and brand by the use of fragrances.
Additionally, a lot of hotels, especially the more up-market hotels, will not reuse hotel room toiletries, so if you don’t take then, they will end up being disposed of and no one benefitting from them. This is because a hotel can not risk that the toiletries have been tampered with by the previous guest.

They are also being reminded of a good time that was had at the hotel. So this could in turn encourage a return visit from that guest. Additionally, a hotel could send follow up publicity and promotional materials to the guest, these fragrances could be impregnated on to the paper or promotional item to instantly connect the guest with the hotel brand fragrance.

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