Relaxing your customers using Aroma

Relaxing your customers with aromasHave you ever thought why some businesses put an ambient scent into an area of their shop, business or service?

There are many benefits of having an ambient fragrance working for you in your business, a few of the examples could be to associate a brand or service to a scent, to encourage a more relaxed state, to build upon an experience or add a depth to an experience, to entice people into your business or encourage the purchase of something that smells good.

Here are a few key reasons why businesses are now turning to aromas and fragrance marketing.

Spas and hotels are renowned for using fragrances and aromas in their reception areas, waiting rooms, treatment rooms and swimming pool areas. This is a great way to get people to get into relax mode.


Imagine if airports put a nice relaxed fragrance into passengers waiting areas. This could help with many parts of airline travel that we all dread when setting off from our home to fly somewhere.

  • Passengers could feel less anxious about flying to a destination. Even today with air flight statistically being the safest way to travel, there are many anxious people out there who worry and panic before flying and during. If an airport were to scent the waiting areas, this could help with passenger anxiety.
  • When you fly, there are quite often delays, a great and easy way to help calm people down is to use fragrances. A well thought out fragrance could be the deciding factor and could actually help keep peoples tempers calm and when your passengers are calm, your staff are too.
  • Airlines are already using fragrance to brand their services, for example, Singapore Airlines have been using fragrances on their aeroplanes for many years now. This helps relax customers and also could help with relaxing them into their seats.
  • As well as relaxing people. Fragrances can be used to help make people more alert, maybe a coffee aroma could wake people up. During the morning hours, if a coffee aromas is used in the airport, this may reduce the amount of people missing their flights due to falling asleep in the waiting areas.

Another benefit of fragrancing an area could be for VIP and business lounges. By adding an attractive fragrance into the air, this could add to the specialness of your business lounge.

Our professional programmable fragrance diffuser machines are designed to be concealed out of the way of people and can easily be placed out of sight. They can also be connected to large HVAC (Air conditioning ducting) that can help distribute and disperse the aromas. As well as these larger machines, we have a selection of smaller units that are capable of ambient fragrance of smaller areas such as a shop, café of bar.

With a practically unlimited number of fragrances available (as we can make a fragrance to suit you or your brand) and many different diffuser machines, we are here to support you, your business and any aroma or digital signage solution you need. Speak to us today at tns.