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Attract customers into your Restaurants, Cafe's and Eateries with Scent

All of these venues can benefit greatly from creating a the right atmosphere for their diners. Whether its a themed restaurant featuring a Jungle to a shopping center food court, these can all benefit from the right fragrance. Contact us to discuss.

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Attract customers into your Restaurants, Cafe's and Eateries with Scent

We can provide any kind of scent and scent delivery solution to suit your needs.

Working worldwide to provide the best scent solutions for you.

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Complete Custom Solutions

Cinnamon can be mood altering and could also aid in productivity. It can also improve attention to detail and focus.

Off-the-shelf Solutions

Jasmine and Peppermint could be used to keep your staff more alert and increase and help with mental clarity.

Custom Fragrances

Visual memories fade by 60% after a year while memories of a scent fade by only 40%.

Large Selection of Scents

Lemon scents energize and relieves tension (and relaxes people), it can also reduce tension in the workplace

Business & Corporate Solutions

Differences in Aromas and Scents are detected and can not be turned off

Theme Parks & Attractions

Scent marketing is the next big thing when it comes to promoting your product or services.


Our services and solutions are competitively priced.

As these solutions are usually a tailored application, please contact us with as much information as possible regarding your project.

We will work closely with you to build the solution that suits your requirements.